About Windsong Landscape Photography

The Adventure of “Following the Light”


I have always been drawn to the light. From my younger days of playful adventure and fishing along the Stillwater River near Dayton, Ohio, to this day, the Light calls me out and beckons my spirit to come.  The adventure of pursuing my journey of a landscape photographer and the risk that are part of this call of the wild, stir the passion within me and I see endless opportunities around every bend or beyond the next rise.


It wasn’t until I was doing my tour in the US Navy that I began to explore the qualities of photography.  With a friend and advocate for adventure, I would explore the new found territories of international countries.  I was learning by trial & error as I experimented with tips & techniques from various publications.  My success was simply the great joy I received from capturing a “Moment in Time” through the “Window” of my experience. 


It was an amazing time that would not let go, creating with in me, a yearning from the depths of my soul to create more photography.  So, after my duty I enroll at Ohio University in the College of Fine Arts for a major in Photography.  I indulged myself in all the school had to offer, studying day or night and committing to year round photography efforts to learn in the classroom as well as in the field.  My summers were spent working with the Soil & Water Conservation District doing field reports with my camera slung over my shoulder, always ready to capture the essence of the “Place” I was experiencing.


After 26 years as a Professional Photographer working in Corporate, Commercial and Editorial positions I have now discovered “the Man I was created to be”, the one that has become one with nature. The one that has sensed the presence of the spirit of life while feeling the wind press against my flesh while standing on the mountain top and smelled the essence of the renewal of life when passing through groves of trees.  The landscape photographer I desired to be years ago.


Life has a way of bringing us full circle sometimes, back to where our hearts were when we were once innocent, sensing what energized and gave us passionate desires, yet unable to identify just what “it” was that called to us.  As life and all its experiences chisel away our superficial pretense we become more comfortable with whom we really have been all along.


Enjoy the exploration of “Life”

Go In Peace.


Raymond M. McCoy